NetEase Games, creators of “Wilderness Action”

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NetEase Games, creators of “Wilderness Action”NetEase Games, creators of “Wilderness Action”

” Tokyo Game Show 2023 (hereinafter referred to as TGS2023)” will be held from Thursday, September 21, 2023 to Sunday,
September 24, 2023. As of the announcement on Monday, September 4, 2023, there are 770 exhibitors. It has already reached an all-time high. NetEase Games has announced that it will be exhibiting for the first time
at the Tokyo Game Show, which is sure to be a huge hit !

NetEase Games will exhibit at TGS2023!

NetEase Games, which is responsible for many popular titles such as “Wilderness Action”, “Identity V 5th Personality”, and “Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic”, has announced that it will be exhibiting at TGS2023!
Surprisingly, this is the first time for NetEase Games to exhibit at the Tokyo Game Show.
A lot of announcements are being announced, including new information on each game title and completely new game titles!

Comment from Matt Liu, NetEase Games Head of Overseas Publishing

Our participation in Tokyo Game Show 2023 demonstrates our commitment to innovation and the ever-evolving world of gaming.Tokyo Game Show is one of the world’s leading gaming events, providing a platform where creativity, technology and passion come together.We are excited to introduce our latest initiatives and immerse ourselves in the rich gaming culture.As the digital landscape continues to evolve, NetEase Games remains at the forefront, committed to pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

Exhibition title and content

Completely new game for consoles

NetEase Games will announce a completely new game for consoles at a stage event in the booth on Thursday, September 21, 2023, the first day of TGS2023.
Especially in Japan, we are looking forward to the new development of NetEase Games, which has a strong reputation for mobile games!
The preview image is blurred, but you can see a character that looks like a white rabbit.

Time and space painting traveler

We are planning to play
a preview of “Jikoku no Etabijin”, a romantic adventure game for women with a unique worldview based on the concept of parallel worlds, announce the release date for Japan, and hold a stage event where voice actors will be on stage .

Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic

Inside the booth of “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening,” a card-based RPG game jointly developed by NetEase Games and Warner Bros. Games, there will be photo spots where you can experience the world of the game.

3 indie game titles from Spotlight by Quantic Dream

France’s Quantic Dream, which has joined NetEase Games since 2022, has launched a new publishing label, “Spotlight by Quantic Dream,” and announced three titles: “Dustborn,” “Under The Waves,” and “Lysfanga: The Time shift Warrior.” thing.
Each title will be introduced on the main stage once a day.


At the “Dustborn” booth, a road trip action adventure with themes of hope, love, friendship, robots, and the power of words, game
bats, postcards, and posters will be handed out, and you can take commemorative photos in front of key art.

Under The Waves

At the “Under The Waves” booth, an adventure game with the theme of the power to swallow sadness, demo play will be available only on the first day.
Additionally, attendees will receive a free poster.

Lysfanga: The Time shift Warrior

At the Lysfanga: The Time shift Warrior booth, a hack-and-slash game with a tactical twist, you
can take photos in front of the game’s key art, and attendees will receive posters.

IdentityV Fifth personality

An exhibition match is scheduled to be held
on Sunday, September 24, 2023 at the “IdentityV Fifth Personality” booth, an asymmetric competitive multiplayer game with over 200 million users worldwide .

unVEIL the world unveil the world

The main character “Uta” has already been announced for the adventure action strategic RPG “unVEIL the world” jointly developed by Shueisha Games and NetEase Games , but another main character will be announced at TGS023!
Additionally, a second trailer and an interview video with composer Hideki Sakamoto will be released. There are also plans to hold an event
to distribute game setting books .

wilderness action

“Wilderness Action” is a battle royale game where 100 players fight until the last person on a deserted island.A
shooting range is available at the wilderness action booth, and from 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 23, 2023. The professional team competition will be held at 4:30 p.m.

Witch’s Flower Life

At TGS2023, the latest video of the game will be released
at TGS2023, and cosplayers will also appear at the booth.

Never After ~Reverse Fairy Tale~

“Never After ~ Gyakuten Fairy Tale ~” is a fairy tale RPG that defies expectations and has exceeded 15 million downloads worldwide.
New information and trial play are scheduled to be released at TGS2023.

Where Winds Meet

At the “Where Winds Meet” booth, an open world action-adventure RPG set in China’s Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era, a trial
play experience and original goods will be distributed.

Project Mugen (tentative)

The urban open world RPG “Project Mugen (tentative)” is a noteworthy title that was just announced in August 2023.
It will be free to play and will be released on PC, mobile, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.
Since it’s being exhibited less than a month after it was announced, I wonder if I’ll be able to try it out?

NetEase Games, which will be exhibiting at TGS for the first time, is truly13 titles Expand!
Just by going to the NetEase Games booth, you can experience various games and receive goods such as posters!

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