Steam page for “New Arc Line”, a steampunk RPG that lives in a world of magic and technology,

By Admin Sep 12, 2023
Steam page for “New Arc Line”, a steampunk RPG that lives in a world of magic and technology,Steam page for “New Arc Line”, a steampunk RPG that lives in a world of magic and technology,

Fulqrum Publishing and Dreamate Games have officially announced New Arc Line, a new single-player RPG for PC/console, and have published a Steam page.

Between arcane magic and the steampunk revolution,
this is a steampunk RPG set in the Gilded Age of magic and technology. Players must find a way to cure their family’s illness in a world where tensions between different factions are high, the rich exploit the poor, and humanoids hunt monsters. Invent dangerous gadgets or master arcane techniques, steal or steal your way to the top, make friends and enemies, fall in love, become embroiled in vast conspiracies, and follow the course of history. I will continue to make an impact.

Main Features Choose
humans, elves, dwarves, and giants that can be heroes or villains, and create your character by choosing gender, background, and appearance. Residents of this world have their own biases and may be treated differently depending on their choices.
Form a Party
Players are not alone here. Meet diverse characters, invite them in, learn their stories, face their demons together, help them grow or use them for your own benefit, and sometimes discard them to suit your own plans. Maybe you’ll find true love.
Using technology and magic
Evolve your character to your heart’s content with a detailed progression system consisting of 6 character classes and 12 subclasses. Master magic and burn your enemies as a hellfire occultist, curse them with arcane magic, aid your allies as a celestial sage, or ditch your old ways and become a steampunk mechanic or dieselpunk engineer, become a Teslapunk scientist and become a walking fortress of steam engines? Command your party in turn-based tactical battles
to fight for your rights .
You can fight head-on and forcibly break through, or you can observe and analyze the situation and devise a cunning strategy to overcome an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation. There are plenty of skills, spells, crafting recipes, and consumables available, so you can advance the battle to your advantage. Make a name for yourself by carving out your own
destiny , influence many lives for better or worse, and watch as the results of your choices change the fate of the world. “New Arc Line” is scheduled to be released in 2024 for Windows (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X|S

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