Review of Chronicles of Infinity

By Admin Oct 28, 2023
Review of Chronicles of InfinityReview of Chronicles of Infinity

A new action RPG “Chronicle of Infinity” released in August 2023.
This game has a worldview that combines science fiction and fantasy, with exhilarating action and a wealth of content.

Defeat your enemies with exhilarating action!

The biggest appeal of Chronicles of Infinity is its exhilarating action.
Choose a character from three classes (assassin, gunner, mage) that suits your play style and use a variety of skills to defeat your enemies.
Assassins attack enemies with their agile movements, gunners target enemies from a distance, and mages annihilate them with powerful magic.
Each class has its own characteristics and charm, and you can play according to your preferences.
Also, the skill performance is very impressive, and the exhilaration of defeating the enemy is exceptional.
In particular, the exhilarating feeling you get when you connect skills one after another to create a combo will become addictive once you experience it.

You can play without getting bored with the rich content!

Chronicles of Infinity has a variety of content, including the main story, dungeons, and PvP.
The main story is an adventure story in which players fight in a world that combines science fiction and fantasy. It draws players in with its powerful production and profound storyline.
Dungeons are essential content for players to level up, as they provide various rewards.
You can enjoy various ways of playing, such as aiming to clear the game by defeating the boss, or aiming to clear the game within the time limit.
PvP is competitive content where you fight against other players. There are many ways to enjoy the game, such as honing your skills to get to the top of the rankings, or working with friends to take on strong enemies.

Autoplay is also available, making it safe for busy people.

Chronicles of Infinity also has plenty of autoplay.
Various content such as the main story, dungeons, and PvP can be played automatically, so even busy people can play with confidence.
Of course, with auto-play, you can play more efficiently by adjusting your skills and strategies as appropriate, rather than leaving everything to you.


Chronicles of Infinity is a new action RPG with exhilarating action and a wealth of content.
This is a game that can be recommended not only to people who like action games, but also to people who like RPGs. Why not try playing Chronicles of Infinity at least once?

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