TGSVR2023 2nd round information released! Game Island details announced

By Admin Sep 12, 2023
TGSVR2023 2nd round information released! Game Island details announcedTGSVR2023 2nd round information released! Game Island details announced

” Tokyo Game Show 2023 ” (hereinafter referred to as TGS2023) will be held at Makuhari Messe for 4 days from Thursday, September 21st to Sunday, September 24th, 2023.For the first time in four years, all
halls of Makuhari Messe will be used and the number of companies exhibiting will be increased. is the largest ever and is showing excitement, but TGS is not only held locally. It was also announced that ” Tokyo Game Show VR 2023
” (hereinafter referred to as TGSVR2023) will be held online , and the official ambassador and details of TGSVR2023 have been announced.

TGSVR2023 2nd round information released! Game Island details announced

The follow-up report for TGSVR2023, which will be held for the third time, has been announced.
At “Game Islands”, the stage of TGSVR2023, a stamp rally quest will be held following TGSVR2022.
By clearing the quests scattered throughout the game island, you can obtain avatars and advance the story, so let’s try it out.
Also, if you clear a certain number of quests, something special will happen… Check out the truth for yourself!

As a new feature of TGSVR2023, when you change into the avatar you obtained through the quest, you will be able to release various magics that correspond to the exhibitor’s content.
It will be fun to see what kind of magic you can activate after actually playing the game, so collect stamps while completing quests!

In addition, a variety of unique content will appear in the TGSVR2023 exhibitor/sponsor space.
A total of 33 companies are exhibiting, not only from Japan, but 12 companies from overseas are scheduled to participate, making this a global initiative.
Be sure to visit not only Japanese companies but also overseas companies!

TGSVR’s first! “GAME TREE THEATER” held!

TGSVR’s first ever “GAME TREE THEATER” will be held at the “Game Tree” that stands in the center of the TGSVR venue.
We also plan to use the large screen to watch the latest game PVs, mini-lives with special performances, and TGSVR-only projects.
Enjoy TGS to the fullest both offline and online!

Popular VTuber becomes TGSVR2023 official ambassador!

TGSVR2023 official ambassador announced.
Official ambassadors include Hayato Kagami (@H_KAGAMI2434) from Nijisanji, Shuu Yami (@shu_yamino) from NIJISANJI EN, Rei Omega (@omesis_ray) from Omega Sisters, and Rio Omega (@omesis_ray) from Omega Sisters. @omesis_rio) has been appointed.
Omega Sisters has been the official ambassador for the third consecutive year, and this year will be the first time for Hayato Kagami and Shu Yami.
We will be broadcasting the charm of TGSVR through live streaming and videos, so check it out!

Comment from official ambassador Omega Sisters

I’m so proud! I’ve been appointed as the TGSVR ambassador again this year! I’m so happy!This year is going to be a lot of fun!

Details on how to participate in TGSVR2023 will be announced from 10:00 on Thursday, September 21, 2023.
The event period is approximately one week longer than the offline period.September 21, 2023 (Thursday) 10:00 to October 1, 2023 (Sunday) 24:00Therefore, even after the offline venue schedule ends, let’s enjoy the virtual venue while soaking up the afterglow of TGS!
For details, please check the official TGSVR2023 website or official X (@tgsvr_official).

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