I have a conflict with my parents, what services can help me?

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I have a conflict with my parents, what services can help me?I have a conflict with my parents, what services can help me?

Secrecy guaranteed

To start, do not forget that all the services that we are going to present to you in this post are subject to professional secrecy, which means that in no case, unless you wish, the professionals to whom you will address n will talk about your situation in other services (unless there is an endangerment) or contact your family.

If you want to talk about your situation and find help to feel better

👉 103 Listen-Children is a free number accessible from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., every day. This number is intended for children and teenagers who wish to talk, to confide because they do not feel well, who sometimes experience difficult things, who perhaps feel in danger.

👉 Mental Health Centers offer psychological or psychiatric consultations for children, teenagers and parents, as well as speaking groups for young people wishing to share their difficulties with other young people.

👉 Family Planning Centers offer a space for listening, dialogue and information about relationship life. A reception is organized without an appointment to answer the first questions. This reception is free and is done by a professional who will clarify your request with you and possibly refer you to psychological consultations.

👉 Are you still in high school? The CPMS of your school can welcome you free of charge during school hours, in order to listen to you and best meet your needs by simply listening to you or by redirecting you to other services better suited to your situation.

If you have significant relationship problems with your parents

👉 If you are under 22, the Open Environment Assistance Services (AMO) can help when the family situation becomes difficult. They can listen to you, accompany you, support you and help you find a solution. These services intervene only at the request of the young person or his family.

1. If relations sour and the dialogue with your parents is broken…

👉 Youth Assistance Services (SAJ) help protect you when you are in a dangerous situation (physical or mental). The SAJs have two roles: individual assistance to young people in difficulty or in danger as well as assistance to their families and general prevention. It is a specialized service that can help you best, depending on your problems. The SAJ will eventually hear your parents or set up a family follow-up. There is one SAJ per arrondissement. To go to the SAJ, you must be accompanied by an adult: an adult friend, someone close to you, a social worker, a lawyer or a social worker from an AMO or a Family Planning Center for example.

👉 Composed of lawyers, the Youth Law Service can, at your request only, guide you in the legal and / or administrative steps to be taken in the event that you wish to leave the family home (alimony, family benefits, etc.). This service is totally free and stops whenever you want. It is intended for young people up to 22 years old.

2. You leave your parents and want help

👉 Even if you are an adult and no longer live with your parents, they still have the food obligation as long as your training (studies…) is not finished or you don’t know how to be financially independent yet. In some cases, parents cannot afford these costs; you can then ask for help from the CPAS in your municipality . The CPAS can grant you various financial, material or food aids. Of course, certain conditions must be met in order to be entitled to these aids. The CPAS checks whether the young person fulfills them all, by conducting a social survey.

Would you like more information on this subject? Do not hesitate to contact the Infor Youth Center closest to you!

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