Driver’s license: some tips to reduce costs

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Driver's license: some tips to reduce costsDriver's license: some tips to reduce costs

Theoretical permit: study alone or with lessons? 

Studying on your own is not always easy but it remains the cheapest option . You can simply buy or borrow the learning book. Make sure that the book you are studying is a recent edition because, as you know, the rules change often!

You can also take courses or exercises online . Even if it costs less than going through driving school courses, be careful to compare prices, check that the sites are well updated and ask for opinions around you. There are also small free tests online to check your level.

If studying alone is not for you, you can always take hours of lessons through a driving school . You will then be obliged to follow a 12-hour module. So you can’t decide to save money by taking fewer hours of class. It will cost you between 70 and 150 euros depending on the driving schools… Indeed, they do not all apply the same prices. Do not hesitate to compare before committing yourself.

Practical permit: which sector to choose? 

To reduce the cost of the practical permit, you can go for the free sector (with one or two guides). You can complete your training by taking a few hours of lessons in a driving school if you wish (there is no minimum in this case), to improve your maneuvers or your driving. The price of one hour of practical lessons varies between 50 and 75 euros.

If you decide to learn to drive only in the “driving school” sector , you must take a minimum of 20 hours of driving lessons in an approved driving school. For the direct access sector (faster permit), you will have to follow a minimum of 30 hours of driving. One hour of practical lesson varies between 50 and 75 euros depending on the number of hours you wish to follow and the driving schools.

A few other tips 


Some mutual insurance companies offer small reductions on the courses offered by certain driving schools. This benefit is only for their affiliates. The reductions vary according to the mutuals…. Be careful, they do not practice all these advantages and it is therefore important to inquire with your mutual insurance company or on their site…. If you wish to change health insurance to be able to benefit from these advantages, it is important to know that there is a waiting period to be completed after each new affiliation.

Social driving schools

In some towns, there are social driving schools which offer courses at reduced prices for CPAS recipients and/or job seekers. Forem also regularly organizes “En route pour l’emploi” sessions in certain provinces.


There are a lot of exam question simulations on the internet. GOCA notably offers free videos on Youtube to prepare you for the risk perception test. Don’t settle for just a few videos on the net.

Infor Youth Centers

It is possible to borrow free or at a very low cost the books for learning the theoretical permit in certain Infor Jeunes centres . In addition to this service, some centers (such as those in Huy or Marche-en-Famenne) organize free or low-cost training throughout the year . These courses are a support in your study and allow you to approach the subject in a more playful way than alone in front of your book!

You can also consult the free brochure “On the road to the driving licence” , created by Infor Jeunes, accessible below. You can also pick it up for free in the “paper” version at the Infor Youth center nearest you!

In conclusion

Regardless of the learning “system” you choose (on your own or via courses), it is very important to prepare yourself well to avoid additional costs (passing your license again, having to (re)take lessons in the car -school after 2 failures of the theoretical or practical license…)!

Would you like more information on driving licenses? Come see us at an Infor Youth Center near you and we’ll answer all your questions!

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