Going abroad with little budget: volunteering, au pair, working holidays…

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Going abroad with little budgetGoing abroad with little budget

1. The trips of the BIJ (International Youth Bureau)

The International Youth Bureau is a Wallonia-Brussels International service set up to manage international programs for young people in Wallonia and Brussels outside the school environment. The BIJ offers specialized support to young people to help them set up international projects. It organizes training, information sessions, contact seminars, projects related to priority themes… Go to their “ Offers ” page to be informed and go to the “ Programs ” page to discover the different possible stays.

2. “Au pair” stays

An au pair is a young person temporarily hosted by a family. This family lodges and feeds him in return for light routine family chores. In general, it is about taking care of children. Participating in family life allows you to perfect your language skills and develop your general culture through a better knowledge of the host country. Generally, these stays cost less than other trips. Different organizations supervise and organize this type of stay, such as the WEP , AuPairWorld or AuPairBelgium . The FPS Employment website publishes more information on the au pair status.

3. “Working holidays” (going to work abroad)

A good way to travel abroad inexpensively is to work during your stay. If you want to work in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan or South Korea, it is possible to leave with a PVT (Working Holiday Permit). The primary purpose of this visa is to travel; the “work” aspect remains incidental! For administrative formalities, especially when you want to work outside the European Economic Area, don’t hesitate to ask Infor Jeunes for help !

4. International volunteering

There is also the possibility of going on a voluntary basis from the age of 16. It is not a free trip, as participants are asked to cover several expenses (transportation to the project location, administrative costs, vaccinations, etc.). But it’s still a cheaper option than most other forms of international mobility.

There are several structures that oversee this type of project such as the European Solidarity Corps , SCI-International Projects , JAVVA , SVI , Rotary or the Compagnons Bâtisseurs . You don’t want to go too far? We have what you need! You can carry out a civic or creative volunteering project in another Belgian Community thanks to the Bel’J program managed by the BIJ

5. The Backpacking Trip

Eh yes ! Sometimes, the best way to travel without, or with little budget, is to go on an adventure with your backpack and your legs . Obviously, this type of international mobility has advantages (freedom, costs, encounters, experiences…) and disadvantages (comfort, security, not necessarily the best way to learn a new language…).

6. Scholarships

There are many different scholarships to help you finance your international mobility, often as part of your studies ( Erasmus + , you know), but not only! For example, right now a lot of college students have just graduated and may be looking for a job. Via ACTIRIS in Brussels, or FOREM in Wallonia, they can obtain scholarships to carry out internships or to follow language courses abroad, without delaying their professional integration internship.

You can find a list of scholarships that exist on this site: mobilitedesjeunes.be 

To find out more about all the scholarships available to you, don’t hesitate to go to one of the 15 Infor Jeunes centres. And don’t forget that leaving has an impact on your social rights (family allowances, mutual insurance, CPAS, etc.) in Belgium. 

How can I …
… go abroad to do a student job?
… going to volunteer?
… going abroad as an au pair?
… going abroad with a scholarship?
… go abroad without breaking the bank?
These five questions, dealing with means of traveling on a reduced budget, are part of the 40 questions that Infor Jeunes answers in its brochure “ Going abroad in 40 questions ” distributed free of charge in Infor Jeunes centers and available online .

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